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The petroleum gas is always in great demand and this is the reason behind its soaring prices. There are different LPG providers and Bharat Gas is one of the leading players in India. With the consistent performance and high quality services the company is witnessing unexceptional growth. Due to their wider coverage and a better delivery network the Bharat Gas new connection are very much in demand. Every family wants to be a part of their matchless service offerings. If you are also feeling the same then you can simply apply for a new Bharat Gas connection. As a result of your application you will get a Bharat Gas cylinder, a cooking gas along with a regulator and pipe. Sometimes the user needs to pay additionally for the pipe and regulator.

There are certain standards set by the BPCL under which one family is allowed to take single connection only. In case of a new family you can apply for the Bharat Gas new connection keeping the older Bharat Gas connection aside. While applying for a new Bharat Gas connection one needs to disclose that if they have availed any other connection prior to it. The Bharat Gas cylinder is provided with each Bharat Gas new connection. The Bharat Gas cylinder is used for refilling and in return the user is provided with another cylinder full of cooking gas. Every Bharat Gas cylinder is marked with the company seal, total capacity, expiry date, batch number and the weight of total cooking gas in a cylinder.

If you are planning to apply for a Bharat Gas new connection then it is better to explore the company website of visit the office directly. Through this you will be able to get ample details regarding the new Bharat Gas connection. Here you will find the detailed list of documents needed to have Bharat Gas new connection. Contrary to that if you are in a nuclear family and have two Bharat Gas connection then also you must have to surrender one Bharat Gas cylinder to the company. As only one cylinder is allowed for a single family so having more than one cylinders may lead you to trouble.

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